KOTI Pipeline brushes

In the pipeline industry there are many brush solutions from cleaning the interior and exterior of pipelines to weld cleaning and edge cleaning.

Pig brushes for oil and gas pipelines

Pig brush“PIGS” perform various maintenance operations on gas and oil pipelines, such as cleaning the interior of pipelines. KOTI offers roller brushes and brush discs of various diameters for pigging. The brush is installed on the pig and fits the shaft seamlessly. Thanks to this perfect fit, the interior of the pipeline is brushed clean.

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Gas pipeline brushes

Gas pipeline brushIn gas pipelines a solid contaminant can be formed by the transportation of natural gas and other types of gas. This contaminant is named Black Powder and can cause a range of problems, including product contamination, equipment contamination, erosion wear in compressors, instrument and filter clogging, erosion and sealing problems for valves and flow reduction.

Cleaning newly installed pipelines with KOTI brushes will delay the formation of black powder in gas pipelines, thus preventing a lot of problems.

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Cleaning of large pipes

Cleaning of large pipes with brushes

Brushes are the best choice to clean the pipeline to maintain an optimal throughput. Debris, which can reduce the pipe nominal diameter and decrease the pipeline capacity, is removed by brushes. Due to the removal of the debris the pipeline has a longer life span and the throughput is more effective.

KOTI offers a wide range of brushes with big diameters and strong abrasion performance for cleaning of large pipes and tubes.

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Brushes for offshore and petrochemical industry

Brushes for offshore

In the offshore and petrochemical industries brushes are used for cleaning large tubes, similarly to pipelines. The brushes clean pipe joints with various curves. Also for drilling pipes brushes are used to prevent the build-up of algae and shellfish. Another application of our brushes in the sea is the removal of slick on the water surface. Due to our high-quality filling material the slick is caught and captured between the brush fibres thus cleaning the sea.

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Work tool brushes

Pipeline brush

Our work tool brushes provide the ideal solution for cleaning all types of pipe welds and steel fabrication. Designed to provide fast slag removal from weld joints, these brushes are the perfect tool for root runs to prevent porosity, burn through, inclusions and lack of fusion. Whatever the grade and size of pipe, we can deliver quickly from our extensive stock range.

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