KOTI Textile brushes

KOTI is the specialist in manufacturing technical brushes and an original equipment manufacturer for textile machinery. Our brushes are used in functions occurring along the complete production line, for example in needle felting machines, knitting machines, flocking machines, crimping machines and many more.


  • Used in all sorts of textile machines. For example: carding and comber machines, winding and weaving machines, knitting machines and industrial sowing machines.
  • Appropriate for carding / flattening the raw fibres and removing fibres stuck in the cylinder comb (comber brush). As a result the threads become finer and stronger.
  • Also appropriate for brushing / combing following shearing.
  • Used for removing ruffles and dust during the winding or weaving process.
  • Our stretching roller brushes smooth out the folds at the end of the process, thus preventing creases and wrinkles.
  • Even special-purpose brushes / latch opening brushes for opening and closing the needle latches.
  • Many other different applications: structuring, roughening, sueding, cleaning for example printing blankets, flocking, sealing machines, dissipation of electrostatic charges generated for instance by synthetic fibres and much more.

Type of brushes

The most used brush types in the textile industry are: tufted roller brushes and brush ringsspiral roller brushes, stretching roller brushes made out of Quick Snap brushes or roller brushesflat brush beltstoothed brush beltsstrip brushes and special brushes. The brushes are made to order from the dimensions to the filling material. You can assemble your own brush with the use of our online price request system.

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Borstel, brush, brosse, bürsten, borstels, brushes
Borstel, brush, brosse, bürsten, borstels, brushes