KOTI Sealing brushes

Ski lifts, chairlifts and cabin lifts are checked and maintained each year for the safe transportation of people. KOTI sealing and strip brushes play an important role in the maintenance of these cable systems.


  • Sealing rails and motor drives for the prevention of dirt and snow.
  • The fibres adapt effortlessly: the arms/holders glide simply through.
  • Easy to integrate in (existing) systems.
  • Long lengths available.
  • The brushes have an extreme long life span, because there is little to no friction and thus no wear.
  • The strip brushes can also be executed to a profile (curves).
  • Suitable for esthetical finishing of opening and holes.
  • In cabin lifts, draught-strips can be placed under the doors to prevent the cold (climate control).

More applications

Our sealing and strip brushes are also suitable for other applications:

  • Sealing passenger boarding bridges / jet bridges for airports.
    • With the extension of the parts to create a tunnel / bridge draught strips are placed in seams and openings to prevent cold and draughts.
    • At the same time the openings are properly covered so that the appearance is cleaner and safer (fingers cannot get trapped).
  • Covering escalators and moving walkways.
    • Sealing brushes cover the gaps between the treads and sidewalls and give passengers a tactical hint that they are too close to the edge. Thus clothing is for example protected from getting stuck.
  • The discharge of static charge in luggage sealers.
    • When wrapping foil static charge is generated (e.g. plastic foil that sticks to the fingers). By placing brush strips with antistatic fibers between the foil and the baggage the static charge is discharged and the foil can be easily wrapped.
  • And more applications:
    • Sealing elevator doors so that children do not get stuck with their fingers in the openings.
    • Sealing doors and revolving door to prevent drafts and keep the heat inside (climate control).

Type of brushes

Our strip brushesbrush laths for sealing and Quick Seal brushes are the most common brushes used for sealing. The brushes are adjusted to your requirements from the dimensions to the filling material. You can assemble your own brush with the use of our online price request system.

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Borstel, brush, brosse, bürsten, borstels, brushes
Borstel, brush, brosse, bürsten, borstels, brushes
Borstel, brush, brosse, bürsten, borstels, brushes
Borstel, brush, brosse, bürsten, borstels, brushes