KOTI Brushes in the winter sports sector

The most common application in the winter sport sector is the maintenance of skis and snowboards. A different unique application, but less frequent, is the creation of artificial pistes with our brush plates. Other brushes in the winter sports sector are our brush plates / brush mats for cleaning sliding shoes and skis, our runway brushes for snow removal and our strip brushes in ski racks for keeping skis upright. 

Advantages tufted roller brushes for the maintenance of skis and snowboards

  • Various types of tufted roller brushes with different filling material in our assortment for all sorts of applications.
  • Excellent cleaning of the sliding surfaces (removal of old wax and dirt).
  • Even wax distribution with the help of brushes with nylon fibres or horse hair.
  • Suitable for roughing up too smooth sliding surfaces with a brush filled with brass wires.

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Advantages brush plates and brush mats for artificial pistes and cleaning of sliding surfaces

  • Brush plates for artificial pistes available in large dimension; flexible fibres for excellent replications of the snow / gliding effect.
  • Brush mats for cleaning are very suitable for removing snow under shoes and sliding surfaces at the entrances of the ski stations.
  • Many other applications: transportingsupporting and slowing down / braking products.

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Advantages runway brushes for snow removal

  • Rough brush density for aggressive cleaning.
  • Materials withstand temperatures down to -40 °C.
  • Various sizes for all types of machines.
  • Due to the extra securing wires these brush cassettes meet the standards of the safety regulations; almost no wire loss and therefore minimal F.O.D. hazard.

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Advantages strip brushes for ski racks

  • By placing the strip brushes in the racks the skis stay upright and don’t fall over.
  • The fibres of the strip brushes are rigid enough to block the skis without damaging or scratching the skis.
  • The strip brushes are customized, thus they will always fit no matter the length or width of your rack. 

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Borstel, brush, brosse, bürsten, borstels, brushes
Borstel, brush, brosse, bürsten, borstels, brushes