KOTI Brushes in the photo and printing industry

When printing holiday photos and albums, KOTI brushes are used in various stages of the printing and production process. Small roller brushes or brush discs are used to press down the photo paper, spiral brushes clean the printing blankets, antistatic brushes remove static charges and brush strips guide end products onto or over the conveyor belt. This is how KOTI brushes actively help with the making of your holiday photo albums.

Why are KOTI brushes one of the most used tools in the photo and printing industry?

• Brushes for all types of printers and presses

We manufacturer a diverse range of brushes suitable for various types of printers and presses. KOTI is a main supplier to some of largest brands in the printing industry.

• The brushes are manufactured in house

Due to KOTI’s extensive manufacturing capability, we are able to make all our own brushes using high quality materials. This has a very positive effect on the functionality and the life span of the brushes.

• Always the right solution

Because KOTI manufactures all the brushes in house, we are able to make brushes to customer specification so that you get exactly the right brush for your machine or a design specifically for your application. Due to the large choice of materials, KOTI brushes offer optimal performances in both dry and wet conditions.

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Many types of brushes available

Our tufted roller brushesspiral roller brushes, and Quick Snap brushes, along with brush lathsbrush platesstrip brushes and antistatic brushes are the most used brushes in the photo and printing industry. Brushes are manufactured to your requirements, everything from the dimensions to the filling material. You can design your own brush with the use of our online price request system.

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