KOTI Brushes in the pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry it is very important to work precisely in each production stadium. Our brushes are most used in the packaging line for various solutions.


  • Many applications possible: guiding, spreadingpositioning and dosing of pills, inserting of pills in pots or blister packaging, labelling of medicine bottles or pots, polishing capsules, sorting tablets and many more.
  • The brushes can be produced with materials approved for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Various filling materials possible, for example for prevention of moisture absorption and cross contamination.
  • The brushes require little to no maintenance.
  • Effective and efficient results and also less labour-intensive.
  • Besides industrial brushes, we also offer hygiene brushes for laboratories, like for test tube cleaning. 

Type of brushes

Our tufted roller brushesQuick Snap brushesspiral roller brushes and brush plates are the most used brushes in the pharmaceutical industry. The brushes are adjusted to your requirements from the dimensions to the filling material. You can assemble your own brush with the use of our online price request system.

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Borstel, brush, brosse, bürsten, borstels, brushes
Borstel, brush, brosse, bürsten, borstels, brushes