KOTI Brushes for the flower, plants and horticultural industry

Spring is a busy time of year for plant and flower growers wanting to sell large quantities of product. KOTI brushes are the solution in many flower and plant processing machines ensuring production is effective and efficient. Brushes can:


  • The brushes treat flowers and plants very gently and without damaging them (e.g.: ginkgo leaf crop for the pharmaceutical industry).
  • A large variety of brushes and materials guarantee an optimal brush result, also for your application. From aggressive cleaning (floor cleaning in glass houses) to gentle leaf removal, KOTI brushes have many different applications.
  • The brushes are easy to replace and mount.
  • High quality and durability.
  • Water and temperature resistant materials available.

Types of brushes

Our tufted roller brushes, spiral roller brushes, Quick Snap brushes, brush laths for sealing, Quick Seal brushes and strip brushes are the most used brushes in the horticultural industry . The brushes are manufactured to your requirements from the dimensions to the filling material. You can design your own brush with the use of our online price request system.

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Brush, brushes
Brush, brushes

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Brush, brushes

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