KOTI Brushes in the concrete and ceramic industry

The summer is the season of playing outside, sporting activities and walking. Although your focus may not always be on the surface on which you are playing, walking or running, ours certainly is.

KOTI (abrasive) brushes are often used for the surface treatment, structuring, finishing and cleaning of many sorts of tiles, paver blocks, pavement kerbstones, concrete plates, concrete benches and many more.

What other brush applications exist?

  • Cleaning bricks
  • Dividing oil
  • Cleaning moulds and forms
  • Guiding products on conveyor belts
  • Cleaning wooden planks
  • Oiling moulds
  • Cleaning the inside of steel tubes
  • Curling concrete tiles
  • Deburring concrete parts or bricks
  • Scraping off excess concrete from moulds

…and many more!

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Many types of brushes available

Our spiral roller brushes, abrasive brushes, and tufted roller brushes, along with brush lathsbrush discs and customised brushes are the most used brushes in the concrete and ceramic industry. The brushes are manufactured to your requirements from the dimensions to the filling material. You can design your own brush with the use of our online price request system.

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Brush, borstel, brosse, bürsten

Customized brushes - More information on request

Brush, borstel, brosse, bürsten

Special profiled strip brushes - More information on request


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