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2018 is going to be a year to give more of our KOTI brushing heroes the newsletter spotlight. This time it’s the KOTI Alphahon work tool brushes that will take the stage. Used in countless industrial applications, providing solutions for any thinkable industrial brushing challenge.

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The Koti Alphahon Brush is the perfect honing tool for surface treatment and deburring and rounding of edges, for example on cylinder and piston running surfaces, in drilled holes, pipes, valve guides and a broad range of other applications. They are mainly used in the automotive industry, hydraulics and pneumatics, aerospace engineering and the weapons industry.



Alphahon brushes are versatile due to a sophisticated technical principle. The flexible performance is based on bristle tips which hold globules made from bonded abrasives. This makes Alphahon brushes particularly elastic, flexible tools with outstanding product features.

The flexible bristles produce a clean, controlled surface finish free of metal fragments, burrs, edges and residual metal. The comparatively gentle grinding process enabled by the flexible brush results in a cross-ground finish. And this supports any lubricating film adhesion that may be required later, for example for oil in cylinder bores.

As one of the most outstanding product features, the flexibility of the self-centring brush with its abrasive balls also enables it to adapt to untrue bores. It can create a uniform, finely ground surface - even in non-concentric drilled holes.

Outstanding Product Feature

  • Uniform edge rounding and deburring over the entire tool life
  • Due to flexibility and self-alignment, can be used with even the simplest machine
  • Produces a surface improvement/refinement of the surface structure
  • Simple changing process, therefore minimal equipping effort
  • Individually configurable ball size and bristle length
  • Bristles of basic brush can be variably structured

2018 BRUSH HEROES - Going worldwide!


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