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2019 is going to be a year to give more of our KOTI brushing heroes the newsletter spotlight. This time it’s the KOTI Alphahon brushes, circular brushes and sweeping brushes that will take the stage. Used in countless industrial applications in the racing and automotive industry, providing solutions for any thinkable industrial brushing challenge.

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Alphahon Brushes – The specialists on the inside of the track!

These brushes are the specialists for deburring. The twisted, galvanised core wires of the inner brush form a high density single spiral fill pattern. The brush face length and overall length vary according to the type of fill material that is used. The Alphahon brushes are versatile due to a sophisticated technical principle. The flexible performance is based on bristle tips which hold globules made from bonded abrasives. This makes Alphahon brushes particularly elastic, flexible tools with outstanding product features.


KOTI Alphahon brushes are suitable for use with hand power tools and automatic machines. As one of the most outstanding product features, the flexibility of the self-centring brush with its abrasive balls also enables it to adapt to untrue bores. It can create a uniform, finely ground surface - even in non-concentric drilled holes.

Circular brushes for roughening tyres

Koti brushes also play an important role in the round renewal of tyres. These tyres are not only cheaper, they also protect the environment. For tire retreading the running surface is removed first. After that the surface of the remaining rubber carcass is roughened. 


When it comes to the highest possible density fill KOTI's circular brushes are unbeatable. They are most versatile due to a multitude of fill material qualities and different bore diameters make them applicable in different working widths. They are especially suitable for roughening and de-burring as well as to remove rust and paint. Whether you use them for de-rusting, cleaning, de-burring or processing welded seams and removing hard scale and paint, they won't let you down. Brushes give you an optimal support and guarantee quality and safety for re-treaded tyres.

Disc brushes for deburring and cleaning

KOTI disc brushes are especially used for machining aluminum rims and for cleaning all kinds of aluminum components. Before coating, cast aluminum rims need a surface treatment. KOTI brushes handle the in and outside of aluminum rims extremely effective and with the utmost precision before these rims can be further coated. To ensure that the surface is in perfect condition for the next processing step, the brushes remove burrs, round off various edges and improve the layer adhesion. KOTI disc brushes can also be used for removing deposits of existing coatings.


Disc brushes are also used in the manufacture of motor and gearbox housings to remove burrs efficiently and reliably. These brushes are being used in the cutting process to remove chips on cylinder liners. The brushes work very clean and fast and are also used, for example, to clean catalysts. KOTI brushes meet up to the high demands of the automotive industry and due to the wide selection of trimming materials, the result can be specifically influenced. From coarse to fine use, automotive brushes provide you with a reliable and accurate solutions and results.

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