KOTI Exhibitions

Visitors often ask us: “What do brushes actually do?”
We can only think of one answer: Almost anything!

You may not realise it, but daily you come in contact with brushes or products which have been treated by brushes. For example the draught excluders in your mailbox, the broom in the garage or the brushes in the car wash. But also the kitchen table or tiles in the bathroom have been in contact with brushes during the production process. From washing to sweeping and from sealing to peeling: Whatever application you have in mind, our brushes can do it. And to spread this message world wide, we are present on various national and international exhibitions. 

Inspiration and advice

On our stand you can get inspired or ask for personal advice. Our enthusiastic team of technical advisors is glad to help. Personal contact is key for KOTI in order to build new relationships and strengthen the customer relationships.

In the planning here on the side you can see which exhibitions we are participating. You can also see which brushes we are going to present, so that you already get an insight in the brush assortment.

If you have any questions or require an entry ticket, please contact us per e-mail: verkoop@koti-eu.com. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.


We look forward to your visit!

undefinedAMB Iran  26-29 June 2018
Brushes for the metal working industry
Place: Teheran (IR) 
Kullen - KOTI 

KOTI Brushes Demogroen ExhibitionDemo Groen - 9-11 Sept. 2018
Sweeping and cleaning brushes
Place: Brussel (BE)

undefinedAMB - 18-22 Sept. 2018
Industrial brushes and work tool brushes
Place: Stuttgart (DE) 


MSV Brno - 1-5 Oct. 2017
Industrial brushes and work tool brushes 
Place: Brunn (CZ)

euroblechEuroblech - 23-26 Oct. 2018
Industrial brushes and work tool brushes
Place: Hannover (DE) 

euroblechRecreatie vakbeurs- 23-26 Oct. 2018
Sweeping and cleaning brushes
Place: Hardenberg (NL)