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The seasons change, the weather changes... however one thing that is consistent in each newsletter is: KOTI is a versatile brush manufacturer providing brushing solutions to the whole of industry. One of the brushes that embraces this constant time and time again is the KOTI tufted roller brush

Curious to know why? Check out the movie below!

VIDEO! TUFTED ROLLER BRUSHES - Limitless versatility!

As the name implies, the tufted roller brush is a TOUGH brush with multifunctional applications and is always solution-oriented. From washing and polishing in the fruit to positioning tablets in the pharma industry and pressing labels in the printing industry, its brushing solutions are limitless. With this fact in mind the forms, dimensions, materials and colours are just as endless… any combination is possible and any problem can be solved with KOTI tufted roller brushes! 


TECHNICAL INFORMATION - What´s the secret of tufted roller brushes?

Tufted roller brushes play an important role in many branches of industry. Their versatility and economy make them ideal for many areas of manufacturing and a wide variety of products. The range of applications for these brushes is virtually unlimited. They have made themselves indispensable in woodworking and sheet metalworking for the application and distribution of solid or liquid materials. They are used to apply foils and labels, to powder bakery products, in the printing industry to moisten surfaces, and for wet applications such as this the brushes can be supplied with all their metal components in corrosion-free materials for wet operation.

The brushes are used for many cleaning applications – to remove dust in woodworking and plastics manufacture, to clean conveyor belts, to wash bottles and sheet glass, and to clean baking trays in baking machines. Tufted roller brushes in developing machines help produce perfect offset-printing plates. With a spiral fill pattern they are used for conveying and sorting, for example for seeds, fruit, confectionery and tablets.

EXTRA INFORMATION - Is there a difference between a tufted and a punched brush?

Customers often come to us with the request “We need a tufted brush or a punched brush, can you help?”. But is there any difference between the two? The answer to this is no. Both are manufactured in the same manner, but the name emphasizes one of the methods used during the process. In order to make a brush, you need a base, like for instance a synthetic tube (brush core). A punch press creates holes in to tube, like a perforator. Hence the name punched brush. The advantage of punching instead of drilling is that very minimal saw dust is created and that the rest material from the hole, scrap slug, is recycled. 

Once the holes are made, the fibres can be tufted into the tube. The name tufting comes from the textile industry. Extra knots are made to gather the threads tightly after knitting. This process is comparable to the fixating the bristles. A bunch of bristles is held together with a clamp, like the knots. Then the clamp twists around the bristles and the ends of the tufts are pressed into the hole and fixated in the material of the tube, later the name tufted brushes.

So in short a punched brush emphasize the making of the holes for the bristles to go in to and a tufted brush accentuates when the bristles are being fixated in to the holes. Did you know that even the material for the fixation (the clamps) can be customized? Want to know more about this? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

2018 BRUSH HEROES - Going worldwide!


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