KOTI Newsletter Winter 2016-2017

The holidays are just around the corner, the time to treat each other with gifts and delicious produce. Regardless of the type of gift you give someone or receive yourself, KOTI brushes have certainly played a role while making it. Whether it's about a spa gift, toys or a gift package with beer and nuts, our brushes have undoubtedly contributed to the end result!

VIDEO! Presents & the brush industry - Discover our unlimited possibilities!

Each company sells or manufactures a product that eventually reaches the consumer. Each gift is carefully selected, but they are also manufactured with care? KOTI brushes help companies and manufacturers to make their products better, more beautiful and faster regardless of the type of industry or application. Click on the video and let us surprise you with our many different brush options.

Koti Brushes

What can you expect from our brushes?

  • From subtle applications as pressing on labels to significant applications such as washing and transporting, KOTI brushes get the job done.
  • Regardless of the dimension or execution of our brushes, they always work effectively.
  • KOTI brushes ensure a better finish of your products and improve many production processes.
  • Many customers switch from their existing solution to our brushes and experience improved results instantly, like minimisation of downtime, but also erroneous operations are drastically reduced!

Do you have an existing solution, but do you wish to optimize it? Then please make an appointment with our representative to see what our brush options can do for you!

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Searching for inspiration? Needing personal advice? Looking for interesting brush products? Our stands show how versatile brushes and their applications are. Come visit us at one of exhibitions! Our technical advisors are glad to help. 

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