KOTI Newsletter - Winter 2015-2016

It’s that time of year with winter almost upon us and for you to enjoy your winter sports. KOTI brushes are an essential tool in preparing winter equipment for example; skis, snow boards, ski racks and ski lifts to mention just a few. In the event that there is no snow KOTI brush plates enable you to practise on artificial pistes.

Also in other industries KOTI brushes for fill important tasks. For example in the baking and pharmaceutical industry, where our brushes give an added value. Discover is this newsletter how!

Extra fast down the slope due to brushes

KOTI BrushesMaintaining your skis and snowboards is vital to ensure you achieve maximum performance down the slopes. KOTI brushes are used to remove old wax and dirt from surfaces and then apply a new wax coating to ensure you are ready for the slopes. Different applications in the winter sports sector are our brush mats for cleaning the bottoms of shoes and skis and our strip brushes in ski racks to keep the skis upright without scratching them.

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Thanks to strip brushes safely up the hill

KOTI BrushesA typical example of inconspicuous but very essential: KOTI strip brushes in cable lifts. For the prevention of dirt and snow strip brushes are placed as sealing component in the station rails of the cable lift. Due to the flexibility of the fibres, the arms of the lifts glide effortlessly through and protect the motor drive. As a result the lifts have a longer life span and passengers can always be transported safely up the hill.

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Delicious baking and brushing

KOTI BrushesDid you know that KOTI brushes are used in the production process of your Christmas cake, mince pies and cookies? Our brushes are used to remove excess flour on conveyor belts, powdering and glazing products and finally cleaning the baking trays. We offer industrial brushes for a wide selection of machines and baking systems. Hygiene brushes are used for cleaning work surfaces for the preparation of food. It’s true to say that KOTI brushes have assisted in the preparation of your Christmas food.

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Brushed vitamins?!

KOTI BrushesUnfortunately with the cold in the air it is also the time of coughs and flues. This means that the vitamin pills and painkillers are in big demand. In order to put each tablet neatly in the blister packaging various KOTI brushes are used. For example: for spreading and positioning tablets in the rails or for the removal of surplus tablets. As a result the brushes make sure that each container holds exactly 1 tablet.

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