KOTI Newsletter Summer-Fall 2016

Now the summer holidays have ended, it is time to enjoy those memories of delicious fruit salads, cheerful children playing outside, nice walks on the boulevard and fun filled holiday photos.

Did you know that KOTI plays a role in all these events? Discover how in this newsletter!

Fruit industry - Delicious tasting!

Did you enjoy delicious water melons and fresh fruit salads this summer? KOTI brushes ensure that all kinds of fruits are cleaned and washed, ready to be sold. Water melons, apples, oranges, pears, mango’s, lemons and other fruits are transported, guided, washed and polished by brushes!

Why should you also choose KOTI brushes?

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KOTI Brushes - Concrete industry

Concrete and ceramic industry - Outside fun

The summer is the season of playing outside, sporting activities and walking. Although your focus may not always be on the surface on which you are playing, walking or running, ours certainly is.

KOTI (abrasive) brushes are often used for the surface treatment, structuring, finishing and cleaning of many sorts of tiles, paver blocks, pavement kerbstones, concrete plates, concrete benches and many more.

What other brush applications exist?

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Photo and printing industry - Say cheese

When printing holiday photos and albums, KOTI brushes are used in various stages of the printing and production process. Small roller brushes or brush discs are used to press down the photo paper, spiral brushes clean the printing blankets, antistatic brushes remove static charges and brush strips guide end products onto or over the conveyor belt. This is how KOTI brushes actively help with the making of your holiday photo albums.

Why are KOTI brushes one of the most used tools in the photo and printing industry?

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