KOTI Newsletter Summer 2017

In our previous newsletter we put the KOTI deburring brushes in the spotlight. In this edition we are presenting a more subtle type of brush which is used in countless household, commercial, industrial machinery and production processes: KOTI strip brushes! As common as this brush may seem, its solutions are endless.

VIDEO! STRIP BRUSHES - Never underestimate this brush hero!

KOTI strip brushes are not only one of the most common versions known to customers, but also one of our most used solutions. The biggest advantage of this strip is its flexibility. Strip brush type comes in all sizes, forms and materials meaning that it can be adapted to meet your requirements. In industry, and we mean almost any industry, strip brush can be used for an endless number of applications. No matter what your requirement, the KOTI strip brush always delivers a solution.


TECHNICAL INFORMATION - Why a KOTI brush makes a real difference?

As standard as this brush product may seem, it’s the design and manufacturing process of KOTI strip brushes that differentiates these brushes. Key to a good strip brush solution is the expertise and advice behind the product. KOTI does not just provide a strip brush: we observe and evaluate your situation to ensure that we give you the right solution. Of course you can order our standard brushes which come directly from stock, but when you need more, our team of sales experts will guide you along the way.


MEET THE SIDEKICKS OF THE STRIP BRUSH - KOTI Quick Seal brushes and brush laths

Other good brush solutions for sealing are the KOTI Quick Seal brushes and brush laths. These brushes are available in all sizes and profiles. So no matter your application - our brush heroes and sidekicks always provide a solution for you.

MORE BRUSH HEROES TO COME - Following this year



To be continued!

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The Burrinator - Brush discs

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