KOTI Newsletter - Summer 2015

Are you ready for the summer?

You may not realise it, but daily you come in to contact with brushes or with products that are processed by brushes. Name it and our business can do it.

Maintenance of artificial turf

Brush laths for artificial turf cleaningArtificial turf is not indispensable when it comes to sport fields, playgrounds and parks. To keep the appearance and quality, it is important to maintain the turf. Therefore KOTI has developed several types of brushes that put the grass fibres back upright and redistribute sand. This allows rain / water to drain and prevent algae growth.

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Cleaning solar panels

Tufted roller brushes for solar cleaningTo get the most from your solar panels it is important to clean them regularly. Dirt will reduce the amount of sunlight being absorbed by your solar panel, and reducing the energy produced. The KOTI brushes remove the dirt and clean the solar panels in an efficient manor, so that they once again they are able to absorb maximum amount of sunlight.

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Perfect climate control

Cleaning glass houses - Koti brushDid you know there are about 9000 specialised horticultural companies with a total of 10 000 hectares of glasshouses in the Netherlands? With various KOTI cleaning brushes glass roofs and walls are cleaned thoroughly. It is also important that a constant temperature is maintained. The KOTI strip and sealing brushes prevent energy loss. KOTI brushes will also help with vermin control, by closing gaps and openings in glasshouses.

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Searching for inspiration? Needing personal advice? Looking for interesting brush products? Our stands show how versatile brushes and their applications are. Come visit us at one of exhibitions! Our technical advisors are glad to help. 

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