KOTI Newsletter Spring 2017

We are proud to announce our new theme for this year: FROM ZERO TO HERO!

In the following newsletters, we will share our customers success stories with you, where KOTI brushes were used to solve a specific problem. Our first edition is looking at our deburring brushes and namely the KOTI brush discs.

VIDEO! DISCOVER THE BURRINATOR - Deburring: problem solved!

KOTI brush discs are your first choice for all your deburring applications. Our brush discs are available in a wide choice of diameters, filling materials and production methods, e.g. tufting or moulding. Having a wide choice of diameters enables you to deburr your product in one operation unlike…

metal files, sandpaper, grinding pads/wheels or other deburring tools. Due to the abrasive filling material and the rotation speed the sharp edges are completely ground off no matter the type of burr or position. So not only do the brush discs make your products look better and feel smooth, they also save you time and money!


BRUSHES ON A MISSION - Maybe you also need a deburring brush…

KOTI’s goal is clear: making sure that our brush solution is the correct one for you and in many cases our brushes are a better alternative than… 

existing solutions. That is why our brushes are on a mission: making sure that your products are manufactured to 100% satisfaction! If you have a problem in your production process and KOTI brushes could be the answer but you are not sure how, then please contact our sales team and lets us find a solution for you.



Whenever a product is cut or manufactured there is always the potential for burrs, these being a potential hazard to your workforce and require deburring.

KOTI brush discs offer you a solution to your problem, no matter the size or shape of your product or the type of material it’s manufactured from. Other types of brushes in the KOTI range such as tufted roller brushes, spiral roller brushes filled with abrasive filling material and work tool brushes complement the range.

MORE BRUSH HEROES TO COME - Following this year



To be continued...!

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