KOTI Newsletter - Spring 2016

The big Spring cleaning

Brushes play an important role in the spring clean-up. Not limited to just cleaning, brushes play an important role throughout your production process, more details can be found in this edition Spring Newsletter!

A cleaning brush for each branch

Brush, brushesOne of the best known applications for our brushes is cleaning. A wide variety of applications and products are cleaned with brushes. To name just a few,

  • Water basins
  • Greenhouses and outdoor glass houses
  • Printing cloths and offset printing plates
  • Streets and highways
  • But also...

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Flowers and plants - Time for gardening

Brush, brushesSpring is a busy time of year for plant and flower growers wanting to sell large quantities of product. KOTI brushes are the solution in many flower and plant processing machines ensuring production is effective and efficient. Brushes can:

  • Clean conveyor belts
  • Clean plant pots
  • Press on labels
  • But also...

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Wood working industry - Timber!

Brush, brushesKOTI brushes play a major part in the production of timber products. From start to finish they make sure that the wooden products are handled and treated with care, resulting in a quality finished product.

  • Preparation
  • Grinding
  • Coating (paint, oil, etc.)
  • Sealing
  • But also…

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