KOTI Newsletter Autumn 2017

As a versatile brush manufacturer, we produce subtle and standard brushes like the brush strips in the movie “Sealgate”, but we also make brushes for tough circumstances. Therefore, in this edition we present one of our heavy lifters: the KOTI spiral roller brush.


KOTI spiral roller brushes are one of our best brushing solutions for heavy duty applications in the industry. For example, in the metal, wood or concrete industry for deburring and structuring. It’s versatility in execution is unlimited: with compressed surface or with pitched coils, single banded or double banded… you name it, we make it. Also, as it one of our goals to meet your quality expectations, this brush type is mostly customized. We find it important that you are a part of the process. Only when working together we can achieve the best results. The spiral roller brushes achieve high rotational speeds. Plus due to how this brush product is manufactured and the quality materials used, it has a long-life span.


TECHNICAL INFORMATION - What is the difference between a single and a double banded spiral roller brush?

The main difference is the production method. With a single banded spiral brush, a core thread clamps the bristles down in a single metal band. Then the machine presses metal band together and coils the band to a spiral brush. The core thread maintains the position of the bristles. A very tight brush density is achievable with this production method.

The construction of the double banded spiral brush exists out of two metal bands of which the outer band clasps the inner band. The outer band has openings to let the bristles come out. A core thread fixates the bristles within the bands. Due to this double fixation, the retention of the bristles is extra secured and makes this brush very suitable for heavy applications.

Both brush types have various brush density possibilities. Plus, all types of brush fillings are used: from very delicate to very heavy steel wires or synthetic fibres. These brushes are available in any length, with various band widths. So, to find the right brush solution for your application, please do not hesitate to contact us!

FOLLOWING THIS WINTER - The tufted roller brush




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