KOTI Newsletter - Autumn 2015

Autumn has come and this means unexpected weather circumstances. KOTI assures no matter the circumstances that you can enjoy care-free this colourful period with our extended brush range. 

Wrapped up

Textile brushesAs Summer draws to a close. Autumn is in the air. Temperatures fall and dark nights spent wrapped up under a blanket on the sofa become the norm. Quality textiles owe a lot to brushes. In weaving machines KOTI brushes are used to remove ruffles from yarn. In the blow room or winding machines brushes are used for cleaning. Our brushes can also dust and finish various types of fabrics and textiles. So no matter how dark or cold it is outside you can stay warm due to vital role brushes play in textiles.

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Keep the heat inside!

Weather-strip brushThe summer is over and during the next few months the temperature is going to drop and it will be important to keep the cold and wind outside your doors and windows, and the heat inside. The KOTI weather-strip brushes are ideal for this, resulting in more heat being retained and reduced energy bills. These brushes can be used to seal doors, windows, letterboxes, garage doors, sliding doors, and even tourniquet doors. No matter what you need to seal, we have a solution for you.

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Ready for harvesting?

Potato brushThis is the time of year for “midseason” and late-season” harvesting of potatoes. Numerous types of brushes are available for this depending on the purpose of the potatoes. For a “just harvested” look, the potatoes are brushed slightly, so that the skin still has a bit of dirt left on. For a more “polished” look, the brushes can be washed and then fully cleaned by our brushes. For processed potatoes like French Fries, the potatoes can even be peeled by our brushes during the process!

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