KOTI Brush discs

KOTI has a large range of brush discs. These are used for various applications, namely, de-burring, grinding, sanding, cleaning, washing, sealing, etc. The brush discs are available in diverse dimensions and materials. They can be provided with a bore with or without a keyway. There are other connecting possibilities, such as nuts and cams.

For this, brush discs with nylon abrasive filling are mainly used. The abrasive filling removes burrs that occur during metal treatment or during processing of synthetics or wood. Furthermore, the brush discs can be used for sanding large surfaces or panels or for finishing applications.

Advantages of brush discs:

  • Appropriate for various applications.
  • Large choice of core sizes and filling materials.
  • Various dimensions available, depending on your application.
  • Different connecting possibilities.
  • Brush discs with abrasive nylon filling are perfectly suitable for de-burring processes.
  • Custom advice.

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