KOTI Brush core (aluminium)

KOTI offers besides brush cassettes also brush cores for all types of snow clearing machines. This core, made from sustainable aluminium, has been completely developed by our R&D team to ensure the combined effect with our brush cassettes. When using our core with our cassettes, KOTI offers a 5 year guarantee on the core.
We offer cores up to a length of 6.5 meters, approx. 21 ft., which can be suited to all machines on the market. The brush diameters range from 36 inch to 46 inch. The KOTI brush core is dynamically balanced according to VDI standard. We apply extremely precise balancing techniques so that we can balance the core to the company’s required RPM.

Advantages of this core in combination with our brush cassettes are as follows:

  • Easy assembly and disassembly thanks to the location mechanism.
  • The brush core can stay in the sweeper whilst fitting, thus saving labour and money.
  • Only one person needed to fit the cassettes in to the core.

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Brush core (aluminium)