KOTI Brush rings tufted

For this brush ring holes are drilled in the core of the brush, using computer-controlled machines. After this process bundles of filling material are tufted into the holes and fixed with a steel staple. The brush rings tufted are used to make a roller brush or sweeping roller. This is done by putting the brush rings on to a machine core. The roller brush can then be used for removing leaves, snow and other objects, such as rubber from tires, from large surfaces, car parks and runways.

Advantages of brush rings tufted:

  • Optimal flexibility in the brush filling.
  • Various brush diameters available (important for the sweeping pattern).
  • The core of your machine will always be completely filled no matter the length.
  • Compared to brush rings with steel profile, spacer rings are not needed.
  • Most common diameters and dimensions available from stock.

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