KOTI Brush rings steel profile

The brush rings are made from a metal section which clamps the filling material. The metal section is formed to a ring. Then the ends are joined and welded together and thus creating a brush ring with a steel profile. The brush rings steel profile are used to make a roller brush or sweeping roller. This is done by putting multiple brush rings on to a machine core. As a result you can decide the execution of the roller brush.
You can make for example a roller brush from only brush rings with synthetic fibers. Advantage of this is that you can sweep easily light dirt, sand and leaves.
But you can also make the roller brush tougher by combining brush rings with synthetic fibers with brush rings with steel wires. Advantage of this is that the roller brush is flexible enough to sweep, but also tough enough to remove tenacious dirt and snow.

Advantages of brush rings steel profile:

  • Various brush diameters available (important for the sweeping pattern).
  • Various dimensions of the bore hole available, suiting the most common machine types.
  • Large choice of filling material.
  • You can decide the filling of your roller brush.
  • The core of your machine will always be completely filled no matter the length.
  • Most common diameters and dimensions available from stock.

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Brush ring steel profile