KOTI Weed brushes

Weed brushes are specifically used for removing weed from gutters, footpaths, parking lots and large surfaces. Our weed brushes can be assembled on each type of sweeping or weeding machine without extra investments. Through the unique composition of the weed brush, we offer you a longer life span because of the even wear of the steel cables and coating. The use of material is environment, people and animal-friendly. As a result the brushes can be recycled. This assures you of the best brush for weed removal.

Type of brushes*:

  • Steel plate with steel cables provided with a synthetic coating.
  • Steel cables welded on to a segment.
  • SW-Brush with welded sheet steel and steel cables provided with a synthetic coating (weed-sweeping combination).
  • Bundled sheet steel provided with a synthetic coating.
  • Weed brush, brush wheel.

*All our weed brushes can be provided with a standard quick coupling.

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Brush code



Weed brush - Steel cables


Weed brush - Segment


Weed brush - Flat wire with steel cables


Weed brush - Bundled flat wire provided with a synthetic coating


Weed brush - Brush wheel