KOTI Gutter brushes & cleaning brushes

Gutter brushes & cleaning brushes are mainly used for cleaning gutters, roads, parking lots, airports, squares, bicycle paths etc. Depending on the application and sweeping task, an open or closed filling is chosen. There are three choices of filling: steel, synthetic or mixed. For example a road smeared with clay needs a different brush than a market square. The construction of the brush is as well dependent on the choice of brush plate.

Brush with synthetic plate (GB-SYN)
The brush with synthetic plate has a submerged chamber. As a result the top of the filling comes under the top of the plate. The synthetic is made from recycled material and is resistant to weather influences.

Brush with wooden plate (GB-HP)
The brush with wooden plate has a submerged chamber just as the synthetic plate. Which as a result the top of the filling comes under the top of the brush plate. The wood is extremely environment-friendly and biodegradable.

Brush with steel plate (GB-SW)
The brush with steel plate is assembled with a quick change plate (also known as the SW-plate), which is easily and quickly to use when changing or replacing a brush. The advantage of this system is that everybody can change a brush alone without the help of an extra person.

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Gutter brush - Wooden plate


Gutter brush - Steel plate


Gutter brush - Synthetic plate