KOTI Spiral roller brushes

The spiral roller brush gets its name due to the spiral shape of the brush. The name however does not show how versatile this product is. You can be assured that the spiral brush can be adjusted exactly to your application.

Spiral roller brushes have a long life span thanks to the filling. Another important factor is how even the brush filling is as a result of its construction. It can be used for cleaning surfaces streak free. The spiral brushes are available with a brush core, a thin-walled pipe or as a loose spiral. The filling can be done with the hairs facing inwards or outwards and the material used can range from nylon to glass fiber, from horse hair to messing or wavy steel. These brushes are deliverable in two basic constructions: single and double banded.

Single banded
In single banded spiral brushes with an internal diameter of 5 mm upwards, the bristles are clamped down by a core thread in a U-shaped steel channel. These brushes are available in any length, with various channel widths and a full range of bristle materials. The single band design is suitable for practically every conceivable application. KOTI produces standard channel widths for the single band versions. Widths can vary from 2.5 mm to 12 mm.

Double banded
When high demands are asked for, an optimal density of the filling such as heavy and hard brush fibers which are speed resistant, the double banded spiral brush is without a doubt the best choice.
The construction of the double banded spiral brush exists out of two metal bands of which the outer band clasps the inner band. The number of openings and the size of the openings are adjustable. This construction has the advantage that the density of the filling can be measured very well and all types of brush filling can be used from very delicate to very heavy steel wires or synthetic fibers. The retention of the hairs is also guaranteed. Another advantage is that if damage happens to occur to a hair bundle with the double banded system, the damage stays locally, while other hair bundles stay intact.

Advantages of spiral roller brushes:

  • Both open and closed filling density possible.
  • High rotation speed.
  • Easy assembly and disassembling.
  • Many application possibilities.
  • Relatively small diameters available.
  • Different sorts of spirals both single as double banded.

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