KOTI Circular brushes

When circular brushes and shaft-mounted circular brushes start to rotate, your production problems are solved. Whether you use them for de-rusting, cleaning, de-burring or processing welded seams and removing hard scale and paint, they won't let you down.

The Record with crimped wire fill is suitable for de-burring, cleaning, smoothing, polishing, dulling, paint stripping and roughing. The twist-knotted Ultra for treatment of welding seams, de-scaling and removal of varnish.

When it comes to the highest possible density fill KOTI's SH-Circular brushes are unbeatable. They are most versatile due to a multitude of fill material qualities and different bore diameters make them applicable in different working widths. They are especially suitable for roughening and de-burring as well as to remove rust and paint.

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Shaft-mounted circular brush - Record, Multicord, Delta, Alpha and Alpha-Special


Shaft-mounted circular brush - Record-Special and Multicord-Special


Shaft-mounted circular brush - Ultra


Circular brush - Record


Circular brush - Ultra


SH-Circular brush - Record and Multicord


SH-Circular brush - Delta and Alpha


SH-Circular brush - Ultra