KOTI Strip brushes

KOTI strip brushes are very versatile and available in many versions. For example there is a straight strip brush and a twisted strip brush. The twisted strip can be adjusted to any shape needed. The profile and material are dependent on the application. The filling, fiber thickness and lengths are deliverable in any way desired. For an easy assembly the brush can be glided in to a holder or support. Strip brushes are suitable for instance sealing, guiding and pressing.

Weather strips are single banded brush strips which are used mainly for sealing windows, doors, machines and furniture in order to protect them from light, dust and dirt. These strips are able to follow any even or uneven objects. The fibers can move freely and adapt to any unevenness in floors or walls. Weather strips are standard and available in many different versions, but custom-made weather strips are also possible.

Advantages of strip brushes:

  • Suitable for many different applications.
  • Very suitable for following irregular surfaces.
  • Available in all sorts of profiles and measurements.
  • Quick and easy assembly.
  • Very short delivery period.
  • Available in stock.

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Brush code



Strip brush - Profile 2.5 mm


Strip brush - Profile 3.5 mm


Strip brush - Profile 5.0 mm (standard)


Strip brush - Profile 8.0 mm


Strip brush - Profile 10.0 mm (standard)