KOTI Antistatic brushes

The main causes of static electricity are friction, pressure and separation. The consequences of static electricity can cause interruptions in the industry. It can lead to a slow production process and increase the production costs. In order to make sure the process goes smoothly, it is necessary to control the static electricity and prevent it. KOTI antistatic brushes can be of service to this. These brushes are frequently used in copy machines, ATM's, cutting machines, printing press, laminating machines and paper cardboard manufacturing.

Advantages of antistatic brushes:

  • Filling wears minimally or never and does not make scratches.
  • Maximum discharge of static.
  • High quality aluminium brush core.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Standard and deliverable in stock (various hair lengths and thickness).
  • Aluminium holder can be provided with fixating holes of slots.
  • Suitable for many different applications.
  • Short delivery period.

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Brush code



Antistatic brush strip - Centre distance between fibers 1.75 mm


Antistatic brush strip - Centre distance between fibers 7 mm


Antistatic brush strip - Centre distance between fibers 10 mm


Antistatic brush