KOTI Brush belts Quick Chain

The Quick Chain brush belt is a brush belt built out of loose links. These links are available with width from 100 and 200 mm. Due to this almost any length and width is available. The Quick Chain system distinguishes itself because of the easy assembly and disassembling. A local worn part can be easily replaced by a new part. It can be used horizontal, vertical or under an angle. With this system various products can be transported efficiently and free from harm or noise, for example eggs, fruits and crates. The filling is determined depending on the application; number of bundles, diameter of the fiber and fiber length.

Advantages of brush belts Quick Chain:

  • Easy assembly and disassembling.
  • Worn brush parts can be replaced quickly.
  • Usable horizontal, vertical and under an angle.
  • Almost any desired length and width possible.
  • Thanks to loose parts, a lot of saving in storage investments and space.
  • Suitable for transporting various sorts of products and goods.

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Brush belt Quick Chain