KOTI Know-how and expertise

Inconspicuous, but essential!
KOTI has a large amount of specialized knowledge on the production of industrial and technical brushes and their wide possibilities of applications. This knowledge is used to improve and expedite the production processes of companies. Brushes for fill namely inconspicuous but essential functions within the production process. Almost everywhere where products or materials have to be manufactured or treated, you will discover brushes, because they are versatile and offer flexible solutions.

Our passion is your solution!
Our knowledge has been able to grow, because we produce the brushes under our own roof. Through our passion for brushes, we have gained a lot of knowledge. With this knowledge we are able to adjust the material, diameter, length, bundle diameter and density of the filling to your wishes. No matter how specific your brush has to be, it is no problem for us to match your requirements.

Our technical team
Our technical staff and computerized machines are a guarantee for a quick delivery of high quality products. Not only are our technical staff available to you, we also have a team of international buyers and technical designers that are at your service. They will help you where you think you can improve your process. If you wish one of our technical advisors can visit your facility and see how your process or tasks can be solved with our brushes.