KOTI Innovation and sustainability

One of our most important core visions is to keep striving ahead of ourselves. With this we mean keep re-inventing and improving our current products with durable materials. New applications and ideas about brushes give us the energy to keep moving forward.
We see innovation as an opportunity to improve, simplify and make your production process more economical. The dynamics of brushes give inexhaustible possibilities for the manufacturing of products and materials.

Research and machinery
The realization of an idea asks for research, new equipment and investments. We have the technical facilities to create and produce new products under our supervision. In order to realize this we build a lot of our production equipment ourselves. This results in to a considerable amount of time saving and development costs for our clients.

Buyers, consumers and governments keep asking for higher demands for appearance, use, re-use and multi functionality. People keep spending more attention to durable materials and we want to carry this through in our products. That is why our products are made of materials that already have been recycled or can be recycled. This harmony between organization, development, product quality and environment will give even more advantages for you!


ISO 9001:2015 Certification

KOTI belongs with ISO 9001 to the world’s top European suppliers of industrial brushes. The balance of organization, development, production adaptability and product quality will lead to continued advantages for buyers of KOTI products.