KOTI Environment-friendly

We make sure that materials are recycled as much as possible, so that they cause a minimal load to the environment. The choice of materials is very important. KOTI chooses for environment-friendly materials, which can be recycled to new usable products.

Types of materials:

  • Synthetic is a chemical product and is not biodegradable. It can be ground down and mixed in order to make new products.
    Some synthetic materials used by KOTI are manufactured from recycled material.
  • Steel can be melted and added to the production of new steel.
  • Wood is a product that is biodegradable and has little impact on the environment. When recycled it can be used in new products.

Advantages of recycling:

  • Materials are retrieved from worn products and re-used.
  • Garbage waste is minimised in the community.
  • Better for the environment and our future!